Local Rules

PrePWC SkyTribe XC 2019

Clopotiva, Romania


Version 0.1.1/25.03.2019 - removed the entry fee before 25th March

Version 0.1.0/30.11.2018


The PrePWC SkyTribe XC Open 2019, also referred as PrePWC SXC 2019, event runs according to the General Section and Section 7a of the FAI Sporting Code. References to Section 7a refer to the latest edition of this Code that can be found at fai.org. These additions supersede section 7a and are in place to promote pilot safety and improve the sporting nature of the events. Safe flying: all pilots fly under their own responsibility. It is each pilot's responsibility to take all necessary actions to maintain their own safety during the competition and to ensure that they do not act in any way that might endanger any other pilots during the competition. It is a condition of entry to the PrePWC SXC 2019 for all pilots to accept without restriction to hold the Organizers blameless and waive all claims to compensation. Sportsmanship: the purpose of the PrePWC SXC 2019 is to provide a sporting, fair, competitive and safe contest, to determine event winners in the different categories involved and to reinforce friendship among competitors and pilots from visiting nations.

Flying Site

Races will be held in area of Clopotiva located at the base of Retezat Mountains which offers all types of flying possibilities depending on weather, high mountains, triangles, out and returns and one way ridge.


Sporting Behavior

  1. Behavior Competitors not behaving in a safe, proper, friendly and sporting manner will be penalized and may be disqualified.

  2. Abuse Any Verbal or Physical abuse of any of the competition officials will be dealt with according to the FAI General section chapter 5.2 of the sporting code rule concerning stewards and jury members and Section 7a Chapter 12 of the FAI Sporting Code.


Lead organizer is Club Sportiv SkyTribe Timisoara http://skytribe.ro/contact and their members.

Event runs under auspice of Aeronautic Federation of Romania (FAR) and the Federation Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).


  1. Meet Director: to be determined
  2. Safety Manager : to be determined
  3. Competition Doctor: SALVAMONT Mountain Rescue Team

Place of event and schedule

The day off is if weather is not flyable.

Open Class

Open Class is prohibited in PrePWC SXC 2019 competition.

Glider classes

Prizes and titles


Medical Cover and 3rd Party liability cover are required for this competition. All participants must have a valid medical health care insurance (covering all hospital expenses, rescue and repatriation) as well as third party liability insurance with an insured limit of at least EUR 50 000 (or foreign currency equivalent). It is pilots responsibility to have a valid insurance.


Organizers and Committees

The Competition Director is responsible for the successful management of the event, assisted by deputy director, technical director and other officials.

The Meet Director is responsible for the successful management of the flying part of the event, assisted by other officials.

Take off areas

The take off used for this competition is Clopotiva TO (T3), as marked on the competition website and waypoint file.

Transport to takeoff, retrieve and second start

Time schedule

Complaints, Protests and Appeals

Tasks and Scoring

Scoring begins when the pilot brings GPS to download tracks at the competition HQ. The opening of the physical scoring will be announced at the task briefing. Tasks will be scored using the FS scoring program using the GAP 2018 scoring formula. GAP parameters will be announced at HQ. Scores may be modified by a pre-declared method to enable task dropping. The list of available tasks corresponds to FAI code.

Flying and safety regulations

Safety Report Back system

Validation of tasks

Retrieve rules

Imperfect days

If the weather in the morning is looking bad but there is hope of a late task we will be postponing the briefings up to the final decision.

Event results and reports

Official web-site will reflect the Event results as close as possible to online mode.